Blue Bottle, Mint Plaza

I know that I sometimes, even often, am seen as desperately seeking some odd jolt to feed my habit. But I actually am discerning. Some call me Ms. Picky. You know who you are.

Truth be told – while there is a little ‘when in Rome’ aspect to my daily habit, I am becoming jaded or perhaps the more I know, the more I know that I do NOT know. Like most interests in my life, once I start to scrutinize the subject, I recognize there are unknown depths. It is like my favourite snorkeling place – splashing into perfect waters at Lehua Rock over a shelf that is 25-45’ deep then drops off in deep marine space for depths closer to 250’. You feel like you are looking out into some beautifully lit outer space world, totally foreign and possibly scary, but mostly deliciously intriguing. Well, back to coffee…

That world is scary and funny.

There are folks who are way more seriously nerded up on this than I will ever be. Some of them write fantastically detailed descriptions of how to best create the perfect cup. More importantly, some folks are dedicating their efforts to creating just that experience. With passion. With skill and effort. Sometimes with funding. Some on a shoestring of hard work and attitude. A couple of months ago we had our first cup of a now legendary coffee (written up in every serious coffee fiends best list – for good reason). The experience was good, stuck in the back of our minds and then was reinforced in layers by serious articles, good word of mouth and even the hint of a new location. Parallel to this all over the last few months I have had a renewed interest in improving my home equipment. Recently we visited said temple, and had an experience that made this morning’s macchiato (elsewhere) a sad subject by comparison.

This is a cyclical interest of mine over the last 20-25 years. Maybe even closer to 30+.
So like a daemon running not quite in the background, I am knee-deep in evaluating how to proceed. And I think I even have unintentionally infected my other half. There are signs that said partner is slipping into a caffeinated minkhole.

Stay tuned for tales of modifying the machine