Simplicity seems a misnomer. Nuanced flavours – well that gets a little trickier to achieve. If you have just come inside from a snow flurry in a remote valley, and the slate building with a warm fire inside beckons your chilled person, maybe you are just grateful for a decent cuppa. If you are visiting a well worshipped site of pure coffee arts, then your expectation is different. Note: your pocketbook may not even see a difference ‘tween the two. But now finally you are down, off that track of tiny streams running through rock and grass and snow. Wanting it just hot.

As long as it isn’t horribly burnt, over-extracted or weak, maybe you just want to savour a moment. But then – wait! No, this one is really, really different, and the obsessive curiosity is renewed. Yup. That is pretty much the journey.

 Somewhere later, and further away, on a sweltering day, you will find yourself gratefully sipping a frappé, watching the colours of a foreign sea, and not care that the origins are not even identifiable. Wanting it just cold.