beauty, with or without a green flashA new year brought the loss of two friends this past week — one nearly lifelong for my spouse, and a life of changes for me. The other — someone whose genuine wit and warmth I came to know through many small interactions, through his work and family all intertwined.  One was very sudden and shockingly unexpected, ripples still moving; the other, following a long path of illness and no small amount of angst by those who knew and loved him. Both feeling as slaps from the universe. The incurable illness that stole time and relationships, and the single life event that stole a future.

I have no great comfort to offer. I cannot even make sense of this, no matter how many times life’s losses have deposited their footprints on my soul. But I will remember them. I will try to retain the good. I hope that the great sad can loosen its hold on the hearts and minds of their families and friends long enough to let them breathe in some gentle and kind remembrances. Some brilliance or laughter. Those imprints are the lasting ones I wish for, for them to keep.  And for myself.