in northern light and attitudeThe journey north always resets my compass. With northern latitude, the light, and eventually, my own attitude, is adjusted after a journey at altitude.

A first stop on our recent visit to Seattle and points north took us to the Chihuly Garden and Glass, with a permanent space for the largest collection of Dale Chihuly’s work that we have seen. It also gives a home to some of his personal collections, one of which is an installation of accordions in the café. There are many of his other personal collections there, whimsical and extensive, as well as more of his drawings or paintings. This gave me a smile as we waited to be seated (and for a very nice lunch!):
play an accordion...Of course the glass work is amazing and inspiring – it is hard to know where to begin. I have experienced his outdoors installations in a botanical garden, the ceiling hung masterpieces in public spaces, and much of this work will feel familiar to you if you have followed glass art at all in the past two decades. But it is such an overwhelming and stunning display, that I found I needed to breathe it in slowly. A smaller room with a low glass ceiling allowed you to look up and peer into flower-like shapes, covering every inch of space. A lovely intimate display, where several times people just sat down and looked up, sighing.
ceiling blossoms
I also loved the early basket-inspired pieces that echo native basket weavers in a timeless way. Actually I just loved the entire experience. How could I not!? Beauty resonates with the soul.