Lucky us – living in what some folks might consider a remote place (not really remote although some think so, just the same). Even luckier is that we have a long tradition of fine local music, from Phillippa’s* amazing house concerts to one-off afternoons or evenings at some of the nearest venues.

We are lucky to have been tipped off that
David Ronconi would be playing a Sunday afternoon recently at Regale, one of the local wineries with an especially beautiful setting. We popped down – it was just a few minutes away, and caught most of his set. It was absolutely the best thing on a Sunday afternoon – great music, a tranquil picnic setting in a garden and some terrific wines. Regale is one of the newest wineries in our area, and for many of us, a work in progress which we have been able to watch as it took shape with olive trees, vineyards and some of the prettiest newly-built Mediterranean architecture. They are serving up some top notch wines – several lovely Pinots (our favourite was from the ’07 O’Neel Vineyard), a yummy Sangiovese and Barbera. Bring a picnic, plan on enjoying the music and the fall weather while the Sunday afternoon music series continues. Better yet, plan on catching David’s next appearance – Sunday, October 17th from 1-4 pm, and enjoy not only some outstanding covers, but maybe you will get to hear some of his original music as well.

While there, do enjoy the gardens, the beautiful landscaping and buildings all work in unison for a great experience. Be sure to visit the inside as well, the upstairs indoor and balcony areas are not to be missed.

*And if you are among the lucky 50 folks to have a spot at this Friday’s house concert at Pip’s, you will get to hear Visten, a French Canadian group from Prince Edward Island, Canada. (contact Pippa or call 408.353.4366 for reservation or info on future concerts)