The abundance of opportunities to enjoy lovely wine in beautiful surroundings is almost overwhelming in California. We are spoilt by an abundance of choice. Having the discipline to limit how many new wines come home to an overstocked cellar and being realistic about the level of participation we can reasonably commit to is trying.

Our criteria is that we must truly love the wine and like the experience. There are some earnest and kind people with a true talent to creating fine wines, in a business that one must enter with a passion and as a labour of love first and foremost. I also am beginning to recognize a style and characteristic to my tastes that is mostly in line with a Burgundian winemakers hand. Judy and Jim Schultze of Windy Oaks Estate in nearby Corralitos have done that and also have shared a remarkable locale with members of their wine club and visitors to the winery now that they are open on Saturdays thru the summer months into October.

Their ridge-top space is used for an annual summer picnic (sold out each year with a waiting list for the wine club members). Take a nice walk when there are no special events, and you want to just breathe in the vineyard, admiring the attention Jim is giving each individual cluster, canopy management in an intimate and very human scale.It brings forward the very real connection that a winemaker has with their soil, their vines and the specificity of the terroir – an approach that lets it all shine thru brilliantly.