Enoteca is a new place to stop in for just the right nibbles and some lovely wines – and it is just down the hill in the town of Los Gatos. Open just a few weeks, it looks like this place will be full of happy people every day of the week. While there is a fine selection of Italian wines, they also have selected some of our favourite local vintners, including Windy Oaks and Fleming Jenkins and we have tasted some lovely selections from other parts of the world as well. The enthusiastic and welcoming attitude is something that starts with the owners, Joe Cannistraci and Michael Guerra, and extends thru the entire staff. They have taken the time to create a really well-considered pairing of food with wine.

We had a selection of small bites to accompany a flight of Italian wines (all new to us) and appreciated the suggestions – great staffing and a really nice space that makes you want to call on them often! The finale was perfect fresh ricotta with honey and exactly the right bite of carrot cake accompanied by a beautiful chilled dessert wine I would have never chosen without guidance but very much enjoyed. I hope those stay on the menu a long while!!

update May 2010
not only are lunch-able options being added to the menu, but they have added a most civilized detail to the lovely marble bar – hooks for purses! That is something I reached for on my first visit and I am so glad to find they are now in place. Looking forward to a visit soon to check out some of the tempting prosciutto or truffle ham with muffaletta, or maybe I will get lucky and they will repeat the morel and prosciutto butter crostini…

update September 2011
Busy most evenings, they are a perfect space for small or moderate sized gathering who can share the expanding selection of small plates. They very deftly handled a full room of groups of 6-10 as well as a full front area, all with a hardworking and well-trained staff who just keeps getting better as they become more popular. If you taste a wine you really like, chances are it may sell out before you come back, so make your mind up!