To use the yolks or toss them? That was the dilemma.

Like found or given fruit, the idea of tossing a perfectly good ingredient because of a lack of imagination causes a great guilt. Even when the reason you have this bounty is the recipe you used was avoiding something rich or ‘evil’. Weighing the two competing concepts – virtue in a Spartan diet versus perfectly good egg yolks…

The morning treat had been to make the deceptively simple oatmeal-ricotta pancakes from South Beach Diet’s Phase II recipes. No matter how many times I have made that recipe, I am still astounded that it was meant to serve one person. It is generous for two, and usually I make half the recipe AND split it between two of us. If you make the full whack, it calls for 4 egg whites.

While I can honestly say I did not consider making Hollandaise despite having a perfect bunch of asparagus begging to be eaten soon, I put the yolks in a small custard cup with a cover, while I considered options. Coffee Crème Brûlée? After all, I had some creme on hand and some perfectly roasted Sidamo Haile beans from Verve, and the crack machine† is still not back home. Helpful suggestions were made – maybe something involving passion fruit since I had recently restocked my passion fruit concentrate on a visit to Auntie Lilikoi’s!!

I eventually settled on a lemon curd – since I still have access to perfect Meyer lemons from Tillconia Manor‡ and it is a simple enough thing to make. Thank goodness I do not often remember how easy it is, or I would be even more in need of a frugal diet than I already am. And I will give some away. You see, in not wasting the 4 egg yolks, the recipe called for 2 egg yolks + 2 whole eggs. So the only reasonable thing to do was make a double batch. Of which I will give some away from. Really. And I will not make the shortcake to go with. Period.

† our much loved home espresso machine needed repair and is returning soon
‡ dear friends share the wealth of their lovely Meyer lemons for months